A Greeting as Warm as the Cozumel Sunshine…

When you arrive on the island, you'll be met by our gracious hosts, Fulvio and Sandra. They'll be your local guides to all the gorgeous sights of Cozumel, and are available when you need them.

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Cooking Services


"Sandra's Kitchen" will provide sumptuous homecooked meals in the privacy of your vacation rental home. Awaken to a piping hot breakfast served inside or outdoors on your seaside terrace. Return from a hard day of playing or diving to relax and enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner with your family or friends in the comfort of your Cozumel home. Spoil yourself! The cook does the shopping, prepares the meal, serves you, and then washes all the dishes. You just bring a hearty appetite and enjoy the fresh and delicious food prepared to your specifications. All ingredients in our dishes are fresh, fresh, fresh and meals are lovingly made from "scratch" (preparation time is 2 to 3 hours for most dinners). You are welcome to watch and learn how to to make these dishes if you wish. When you go home, you can dazzle your friends with your new recipes!

DeLuxe Private Boat Tours

All our boats are new and our staff speaks both English and Spanish to assist you with anything you need.

We believe in maintaining your privacy while taking care of every detail. You are not just another client to us, and that is what makes us different.

Why go on a crowded snorkeling boat with 50 people you don´t know when you can enjoy paradise with just your family and friends! We have the perfect boat for your group and budget.

24ft Yamaha

24ft Yamaha

24ft Yamaha - 6 passenger maximum

1. Captain
2. Ice-filled cooler
3. Fresh Fruit
4. Bottled water
5. Soda
6. Two Dozen Corona Beers 210 ml
7. 6 full snorkel gear sets
8. iPod
9. The best ceviche and chip for lunch
10. Snacks

24ft Catamaran - 14 passengers maximum

24ft Catamaran

24ft Catamaran

  1. Captain

  2. Waiter

  3. Open bar (Bacardi White, Johnny Walker black, Tequila cuervo reserve, and Vodka Stoli)

  4. The bes ceviche for lunc made on board

  5. Fruit / Snacks

  6. Soda

  7. 3 different type of beers (Sol, Corona Light, Corona)

  8. Full norkel gear

  9. Life vests

  10. iPod

  11. 2 Kayaks

  12. 3 Bedrooms

  13. 2 bathrooms

We have wine glasses on board, cups, and everything you need for a good drink.
If you want us to get something special for your trip just let us know we will be happy to help out.
If you have a special occasion or something to celebrate let us know in advance and we will be happy to help out and make it an amazing experience.

Boat Rental

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Cozumel private boat rentals.

Private boat and yacht charters that will take you to the nicest spots in the island of Cozumel, all chosen by you offering a variety of choices for creating that perfect day. We believe in maintaining your privacy.

Visiting the most beautiful spots along the shores of Cozumel. El Cielo Cozumel, Punta Sur park, Passion Island Cozumel and more. Enjoy delicious food and drinks onboard all freshly made just for you..

All our luxurious boats are new and what you see is what you get.

Scuba Diving


If you are looking for a dive operation in Cozumel, we recommend ScubaTony. We think the way they run their operation is in line with what our clients expect and deserve. Here is a recent TripAdvisor review:

"I've been spending a month in Cozumel for the past ten years, and have dived with many outfits. I honestly can say that ScubaTony is the best dive shop in Cozumel. If you want professional staff, on-time pickups, courteous service, friendly staff, and of course awesome diving, this is the dive shop for you. The dive masters are highly trained and bend over backward to take you to whatever dive site you like. They don't complain that it's too far. They are in no hurry during the surface interval, so for your second dive, you have plenty more non-deco time to enjoy a long second dive as well. The captains are friendly and super sweet---offering you sodas and fresh cut fruit and cookies. They treat you like a VIP, and they NEVER ask for a tip (but of course we tip them, cause they deserve it!) Really, it's the best experience!!"  - ScubaTony TripAdvisor Review

Please contact ScubaTony.com for more information about diving in Cozumel, or click below.