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Luxury Cozumel

As loyal visitors to the paradise of Cozumel for more than 22 years, we set out to create the finest villas available on the island. No detail is too small when it comes to making your stay with us truly unforgettable; from the mattresses, to the furnishings, to the amenities we offer, each detail has been carefully chosen for our guests.

If you love Cozumel as much as we do, and have been seeking a luxurious vacation for you and your family…we’re happy you’ve found us.


t’s difficult to imagine villas that could blend in with the beauty that is Cozumel, but ours certainly come close. With fantastic amenities, and locations directly on the beach, our villas are the finest on the island. A world renowned destination for beach lovers, Cozumel boasts white, sandy beaches for snorkeling, diving, or simply relaxing. Enjoy this gorgeous island in luxury, at one of our private villas.

Cozumel the perfect getaway Island with everything from restaurants, conveniences, and picturesque beaches that satisfy the need for as much seclusion or interaction as you desire.




As you can see, Cozumel is known to be the safest place in Mexico and considered one of the safest in the world.


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Is Cozumel Safe?

Please leave home knowing Cozumel is one of the safest places in the world and known to be the safest place in Mexico. Not only is it safe, but the people of Cozumel are friendly, truly hospitable, and make a sincere attempt to ensure your stay is as memorable as possible.

Is the Water safe to drink? If not do, you provide Water?

The water is generally safe for showering, brushing teeth, cooking with but we do not advise drinking from the faucet.  That said, we provide large supplies of filtered water at each home for your entire stay. 

Do you offer Cooking Services?

Yes, we offer full service in-house cooking, among other services. Simply arrange your desired menu 30 days prior to your arrival with your hosts on the island Fulvio and Sandra. Please click here for more information about this service, or refer to Our Services section of this site.

How about a Butler?

We are in the process of starting a new service should you desire the ultimate relaxation. Our butler service is there to your needs such arranging towels, making and serving drinks…etc.

What is the Lodging Tax for?

Unfortunately, we have no say over taxes and are obligated to charge the lodging tax in Cozumel, which stands at 19%. That said, the prices with a comparable level of accommodation, service, and location would cost twice to five times the amount we charge compared to most other places in the Caribbean. They are truly the gold standard in Cozumel.


Do Villa Grace or Villa DelSol have rocks or heavy coral in the water?

No. The beachfront of Villa Grace and Villa DelSol is a powdery white sandy beach with no rocks or stones anywhere in or out of the water.

Is Villa Grace and DelSol beach nice?

The beachfront is nearly private with powdery soft white sand.  (In Mexico there are no private beaches.)  Rest assured that 90% of the time, the beach is completely deserted.  On occasion, people walk by and a rare hand full of people might sit around for an hour.  On windy days surfers (about 5 of them) show up to surf but you will enjoy the show.  In other words, it is your own beach to enjoy.

Can we take day excursions from Cozumel?

Yes.  Should you desire, we are here to help.  There are a few day trips that you can take, but most people end up staying in the villas most of their stay.

Are your prices flexible?

Due to comparative value in our pricing, there is high demand year-round, so we do not offer discounts.

How does one access the water at Villa Eden and Villa Sara?

Great question and the answer is simple.  We constructed a literal staircase from the wooden deck that goes right into the water. We instructed the architect to build in such a way so that a 100 year old person could comfortably go into the water without any issue.  The ultra-clear water is 4 feet deep upon entry with a lush sandy bottom.

Can our dive operator pick us up from Villa Sara and Villa Eden?

Yes!  In both villas you can enjoy the service of having a small dive boat pickup right at your back yard on the small dock (?).

Do we need a special charger for electricity or is it the same as in the US?

It is the same as in the US.  Plug your phone or laptop and enjoy our high speed internet.

Do we need a special adapter for Electricity or is it the same as in the US?

The voltage is the same as is as it is in the US.  For those travelling from countries that use 220V will need to bring converters. 

Is daily Cleaning included?

Yes, just like a hotel, a Housekeeper is included to clean daily, except Sunday.  In addition, Gardening and Pool Cleaning services are also preformed almost daily.

Can we order Groceries ahead of our arrival?

The answer is yes.  You can arrange for your groceries to be purchased ahead of time, simply arrange with your hosts Fulvio and Sandra.  This service is at cost plus a 20% surcharge to cover time, gas, and delivery.  This is due upon arrival when you meet with the house managers to welcome and orient you to your Villa.